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    Onion's Characters Empty Onion's Characters

    Post by TheBigRedOnion Sun 08 Dec 2019, 11:41 pm

    Yevgeny Vasily Berzin | Character #1 / Updates when rp interactions affect character | (edgy)

    Berzin Notes:
    Day 10950.
    Entered, a odd world. I don't know where I am, or who the people around me are. Some new city, maybe country? It seems like a dream. Questions arises in my throat, but I hold back as the 'Mayor' begins to speak, giving out a speech. Although I would say it seems a bit too flat.

    Life seems it'll start getting more exciting than ever.

    Issued Document No.36

    Name - [> Yevgeny Vasily Berzin <]  

    Age - [> 35
    DOB - [> 05.13.1905 <]
    POB - [> Kursk | 2-Y Ofitesrskiy Pereulok <]

    Height - [> 193.04 cm | 6'4 ft <]
    Weight - [> 72.12 kg |159 lb <]

    Hair Color - [> Dark Brown
    Eye Color - [> [Right] Dark Brown <]|[> [Left] Bright Blue <]

    Onion's Characters Nkvd_y11


    Physical Features - [> Slightly muscular with broad shoulders and a sturdy figure. His left eye is a completely different color from his right. His left eye is a dark shade of blue while the right is brown. He has a large thin scar that cuts from his upper right side of his chest and reaches down to his stomach diagonally. His head is more like a square type shape instead of ovalish or circular. His hands are a bit large with a rough feeling. He has a palish face and a slightly blocky nose. <]



    Usual Appearance : A black leather NKVD Trench Coat, with NKVD tanned military uniform and dark blue with a red stripped pants. The Boots are a leather sleek type boot. His straight black officer cap with a red star is usually on until he is inside his own house, or out of respect. His black belt with bronze lining, which had a black pistol holster that hangs on the belt.

    Background : Born in Kursk on 15th May, 1905. Throughout his life, he has been told, he was too cold or odd. His gaze apparently goes right through people, as if he's looking right into their souls. What also adds to the fact that he was different, was how he predicted, what someone would say and do. As he grew older and older, he slowly became more direct, and straight forward. Soon enough he was moved into a military school called 'Lenin Military Political-Military Academy'. His actions and his history led to him being watched 24/7. He would be the primary focus of every teacher within the academy. Soon enough his actions were taken into consideration and was taken away by the Cheka. His actions in the NKVD, were very odd. People around him thought he was psychic, he somehow was able to pick details and lead his victims into saying the answer or somehow admitting to it. In all reality, his left blue, somehow was able to see into a person mind. Every thought that came up inside their mind, he would be able to read, and or alter it. Soon on January 8th, 1940 he soon was able to unlock the ability to mind control, at a slight degree of control before disappearing and appearing in Vasteria.

    Personality :  
    Berzin,  usually keeps to himself although when talked too he seems calm in a way that is off putting. Seemingly friendly with everyone in contact he does have a large feeling of distance. At moments he also heavily is sarcastic to people around him. If you were able to get close to him, he is fairly quiet, although still stunningly straight forward. Outside, although seeming calm, he is easily angered by pestering, and rudeness. How he reacts is in a very hostile way, either yelling at them and straight forwardly telling them to 'Fuck Off,' in multiple languages. He doesn't care how enacts on this, he will bluntly tell them how he feels about them in a hostile manner. If you were somewhat close to him, he still had that feeling of distance, although you can tell he likes to talk, a fair amount.


    Equpiment (Combat) : Finka NKVD | Rosarms knife. Nagant M1895, 7 shot revolver. Tiny boot Ice Pick.

    Abilities : Mind Reading, Slight alteration of the mind, Slight mind control.

    Character Updates

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