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 A Relaxing Bath (Open Thread with Blu)

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A Relaxing Bath (Open Thread with Blu) Empty
PostSubject: A Relaxing Bath (Open Thread with Blu)   A Relaxing Bath (Open Thread with Blu) Icon_minitimeFri 06 Dec 2019, 7:48 pm

Blu seeped into the waters. His ass long hair floated around on top.

He grinned as he emerges himself a little deeper in the water to shoulder height in a sitting position. "God this water is nice."

The man in blue, who is usually appearing without any wounds, seemed to be riddled with them today. Mostly around the arms and chest. He appeared to have dark bags around the eyes as well. One eye had a scratch.

"It's been a while since I've been in a unisex bath," he mumbled to himself. "Or any public bath for that matter..."

He pushed his hair over in such a way as to have the hair normally on the sides of him now be in the front on him. He looked down to avoid any eye contact.
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A Relaxing Bath (Open Thread with Blu)
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