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PostSubject: Axel's Characters   Axel's Characters Icon_minitimeFri 06 Dec 2019, 6:27 pm

Name: Blu Flair
Age: 42, looks like he’s 34
Sex: Male
Species: Human (Starlight Lowlands Kingdom branded)

(Side note: The kingdom is my kingdom I world build.)

Blu is a human from Starlight Lowlands Kingdom that stands at 5’7”. The kingdom is most well known for the human(oids) who often inherent powers from their parents. Blu, in fact, is one of the rare ones who have two separate powers rather than one from either parent or some fusion of another power. *One power is telekinesis and the other flame. *He also has time manipulation powers and dimension powers from the watch he carries. As his “name” suggests, he is dressed in all blue. He wears a blue hoodie that has a Starlow Kingdom patch stitched into it, that is over a light blue tank top. He also wears a dark blue sweatpants with a light blue striping line down each leg. He has dark greenish blue hair that goes down to his butt.
*More will be better noted in Abilities and Trivia.


After being in a band for about a decade, a band break up that was outside his control drove him to depression and eventually suicide. A Starlight Lowlands Kingdom scientist from Kingdom's labs found him and asked to take him in to "help" him with his depression. However that was arguably a lie, has he was abused. Beaten, electrocuted, scared, and even raped. As of result he forgotten 98% of everything before the end of his time in the labs. He eventually broke out. He fled the kingdom, now living in a desert, and aimlessly wandering through the dimensions he visits, indulging in weed and alcohol to ease his mind.


Blu holds a gold and steel hybrid pocket watch. This pocket watch acts as a power catalyst. This allows the holder to make the existing powers the person holds at least 2-5 times stronger. This watch also holds the power to dimension hop and to go back or forward in time no more than 12 hours at a time, as well as pause time for no more than 6 hours at a time. **It can be in burst, or over a longer period of time, as long as it adds up to no more than 6 hours. It’s mostly to watch his own stamina. Overusing his own power would make him physically fatigue and unable to use his powers until he rest. His watch is a catalyst yes, but it only makes it easier to use his power more and for longer, not to use it forever or something. The watch also acts as a safe for pieces of souls of the two official owners of the watch, Blu being one of them, making Blu immortal until the watch is broken. 75% of the Starlight Lowlands Kingdom natives hold some kind of genetic base power, with Blu being the minority while holding not just one, but two. He has telekinesis that would be described by Blu as an nonphysical force that acts like a stronger set of hands, and Pyrokinetics where he can make and control fire from his hands and feet.

**Time powers are usually for stories and lore only, as this could be seen as godmodding and being too OP.


Blu is most of the time lazy and chill. He’s also often very low energy. He doesn't like to do much more than drink or do drugs, not even to get up and eat. He is not really shy, however he doesn't like being very confrontational unless he feels it's important. He tends to be seen as reserved for these reasons. He sometimes tends to be moody, especially when he is tired. Where he more outwardly emotional, like crying and more prone to share about how he is feeling.

Weed and alcohol tends to also keeps him more under control in moderate amounts, and extremely moody and reckless with more extreme amounts of alcohol. When he’s sober, he feels he has trouble keeping his thoughts and moods in check, with his mind in a constant state of racing and doubts. Especially after a while, he would be in a state of paranoia and anxiety the longer he is away from weed and alcohol. He feels drug use helps mellow that out.

Notes and Trivia:

  • Blu technically can’t die completely. The only exception is if his watch is broken and his soul pieces stored in the watch escapes, he would die. Instead he would pass out, and would slowly regenerate/recover in the places he has been injured. This unconscious state can last depending on severity. Blood lost and deep cuts would be a few hours. Missing organs can be a few days.
  • Blu doesn't remember anything from before he was late 30’s. After some brain trauma in his native kingdom, Starlight Lowlands, he can’t remember.
  • Blu has Color-Sound Synesthesia. When he hears sounds, especially musical sounds from instruments, flashes of color appear in his view. He also associates colors to some sounds. His favorite color is from his favorite sound, a G note on a guitar.
  • Blu has no sense of taste. Instead his favorite things about foods or drinks comes from the mouth feels and smells. One of his favorite foods is churros and his favorite drink is ... popcorn soda
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Axel's Characters
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