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 Sofia walks into a grill [OPEN THREAD]

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Sofia walks into a grill [OPEN THREAD] Empty
PostSubject: Sofia walks into a grill [OPEN THREAD]   Sofia walks into a grill [OPEN THREAD] Icon_minitimeThu 20 Jun 2019, 5:19 pm

Sofia lazily looked inside the restaurant, not really paying close attention to anything in particular. She looked tired, very tired. Bags were under her eyes and she kept scratching her right arm.
Her hair was kept clean, but was splitting at some ends.
Her clothes were clean, but somewhat wrinkled. It’s not like she had any time to care, though... There were far more important things to worry about, like hunger.

And she was hungry, actually she didn’t eat for two weeks because she just never felt like it, but her body, even one of a magical girl, can only handle so much. Sofia sighed loudly, almost if she wanted someone to notice and ask ‘what’s wrong?’ but it’s not like Sofia would be able to hear them, because she had her earbuds in blasting loud metal music.

Eventually she decided to get in line, removing one earbud from her ears, and quickly turning down the volume so sound doesn’t leak out. She reached into her pocket and pull out her wallet. It was a dirty shade of white and was tearing at the seams, she definitely needed to replace it someday, but otherwise there was nothing wrong with it functionally, a wallet is a wallet. She opened it up, checking on the money she had on her. Her boyfriend recently gave her money, twenty dollars just two days ago and Sofia didn’t know what to use it for other than drugs.
She hoped this place was dirt poor cheap, since she actually planning on using some of it later to buy some drugs.
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Sofia walks into a grill [OPEN THREAD]
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