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    Vasteria Geography

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    Vasteria Geography Empty Vasteria Geography

    Post by Knell Thu 20 Jun 2019, 2:49 pm

    Vasteria Geography Large10

    (As close to an actual map I can get for now. It lacks Belfast Lake sadly)


    One thing you can say for sure about Vasteria City is that it's never cold. With a tropical climate that is divided into wet and dry season, there is rarely a day that the temperature falls to what you could call freezing.

    The environment reflects this, with the trees being breeds you wouldn't see in a more temperate climate.

    The city itself is borders several large bodies of water.

    To the east, of course, is the great Saefaric Sea.

    But that isn't all. All throughout the city are large rivers that flow from inland, four of them to be exact. They've been used as trade routes for as long as history dictates and are the source of the beautiful Belfast Lake that borders the Residential Districts.

    All four rivers converge near the sea, leading to a very large and fertile delta that is the source of a lot of the seafood the city brings in.

    Part of the delta has been damned off to be used as hydro power, while other parts have been converted into docks to allow for easy access to the ocean.

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