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    Vasteria City Overview

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    Vasteria City Overview Empty Vasteria City Overview

    Post by Knell Thu 20 Jun 2019, 2:46 pm

    How does your muse end up here?

    One of two ways. Either they're enveloped by a blinding blue light and find themselves in a random part of the city, unaware of how they ended up there or they arrive here via their own ability to jump between worlds. The latter have the ability to come and go on a whim while the former are unfortunately trapped here. Note that it doesn't have to just be your character. An entire building and everyone in it may very well be dragged along for the ride.

    Why are people being brought here?

    The God of this world - Kentaro - is awfully bored and is looking for a way to kill time. He thought it'd be interesting if he took a bunch of different people and shoved them into one world and saw how they reacted. He may even bring in some villains to mix things up.

    Are my character's powers limited in any way?

    Nope. They've got access to their full power. Provided it isn't something world altering. If it is, please run that by the moderation staff first. Otherwise, I trust you all to keep your characters under wraps and not do anything too stupid.

    Will there be a Taco Tuesday?

    Who do you think I am? A plebian? We have Titty Tuesday here.  It's much classier.

    Which world is Vasteria City part of?

    Vasteria City is located on a planet that shares the same name. Vasteria is a world that is similar to Earth in many ways, from sharing a few countries to even having attained near identical scientific breakthroughs. The main difference, however, is that the supernatural and magic are very much commonplace. At least, in regards to it existing. Most humans, however, remain ignorant to the more fantastical aspects of life, despite every human having the potential to utilize magic should they discover the catalyst to awaken it, be it on purpose or by accident.

    More information will be added over time. Be sure to check back regularly.

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